Book Review – The Door To December

May 17 - by Scott Davenport

What would you do for your child? Most parents would say “anything”, but that’s not quite true, is it? You wouldn’t do anything, you would do what’s best. That’s the dilemma that parents have faced since the beginning of time. What’s best? It’s a tough decision, especially when each child’s different and no one answer is always correct. In 1985 Dean Koontz wrote a book titled The Door to December, and this book addresses parenting, the supernatural, and how sometimes the two can be connected.

When Laura McCaffrey’s husband kidnapped their daughter, Melanie, she thought she’d never see her little girl again. The police wouldn’t help her, saying it was a custody dispute and they couldn’t get involved. Then, six years later, she gets a call in the middle of the night. They found something. Certain that they’d found Melanie, Laura is elated and terrified. Upon arriving at the scene, the police tell her that the men in the house were beaten to death. Literally. Breast plates shattered like glass and no faces left to identify. As a doctor, Laura knows that a human being can not inflict those kinds of injuries.

Dan Haldane has seen a lot of things in his time as a detective, but the lab found in Laura’s husband’s home really takes the cake. Armed with a sensory deprivation chamber and all sorts of wires and cables, Haldane is sure that Melanie was the subject of these experiments.

Unsure of exactly what went on in that house, Laura and Dan race to find Melanie. Once they find her, however, they’ll learn that the innocent girl Laura loved may not be the girl she is today.

This is one of Koontz’s longer books at 510 pages. However, despite the length, this is a book that you will fly through. Koontz is known for marrying science and the supernatural in his novels and this book is one of the best examples of that. It’s though provoking and entertaining. If you like Koontz, this is one to read.
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Review Written By: Elizabeth Provenzano

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